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The celebration of Holy Mass on Saturday, August 13th,
at 5:00 PM, will be
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Please join us for our Annual St. Jude Novena on Mondays  beginning on September 12th through November 7th with the  celebration of Holy Mass at 7:00 PM.
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The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows is on Thursday, September 15th.
Holy Mass will be celebrated at 7:30 AM and at 7:00 PM. Please join us!





The Catholic Bishops of New Jersey are reinstating the general obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Day Mass obligation beginning on the weekend of June 5th and June 6th. In their statement they say:

"We welcome the Christian faithful to return to the regular participation in the Sunday Eucharist, the source and summit of our Catholic faith. This obligation does not apply to those who are ill; those who have reason to believe that they were recently exposed to the coronavirus or another serious or contagious illness; those who are confined to their home, a hospital, or nursing facility; or those with serious underlying health conditions. One should consult the local pastor if questions arise about the obligation to attend Mass.

Finally, safety protocols (such as wearing masks, social distancing, etc.) and liturgical directives remain in place until modified or revoked by the respective Diocesan Bishop."


Our Lady of Sorrows Parish had its birth, like so many national parishes, in humble surroundings. It was created not alone to fulfill religious needs, but also to satisfy emotional and social demands. When the parish was formally established in 1915, it was designed to serve the needs of approximately 700 Lithuanians in Harrison and 400 in Kearny.

Our first place of worship, in a humble corner of St. Cecilia's Parish Hall in Kearny, was a portent of the problems facing our youthful parish. Second and third generation families may never fully appreciate the fervent longings of their forbears for the sights and sounds of their homeland. But certainly our older parishioners can recall the poverty of our people, their loneliness in a strange land, their youth and energy, and the feeling of unity which they felt with their fellow Lithuanians. They particularly yearned to worship God in their native tongue, and according to their national customs.

The Blessed Mother had long been loved and venerated by our forefathers in Lithuania, and it seemed quite appropriate that the people of the newly erected parish choose the name "Our Lady of Sorrows Lithuanian R.C. Church."

Today, our parish of Our Lady of Sorrows is comprised of many families from different cultures and backgrounds.

Let us all offer our prayers to Our Heavenly Father and our patroness, Our Lady of Sorrows, that the future will bring with it the many graces and blessings with which we have been favored in the past.

Our Lady of Sorrows Mission Statement
We are Catholic Christians of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish who are conscious of the plan of God for the salvation of all. We praise the Lord in our everyday lives by sharing our faith and talents with each other for the continued growth of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish Community. We wish to live the Beatitudes of Jesus and put them into practice in our daily lives as we answer His call to Evangelization.

Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows
At the Cross
Her station keeping,
Stood the Mournful Mother weeping,
Close to Jesus to the last.
Through her heart, his sorrow sharing,
All his bitter anguish bearing,
Now at length the sword had passed .
Oh, how sad and sore distressed
Was that Mother highly blest
Of the sole-begotten One!
O dear Mother, fount of love ,
Touch my spirit from above;
Make my heart with yours accord.
Make me feel as you have felt;
Make my heart to glow and melt.


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